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"Property Staging is the Final Smart Investment

into your Current Home!"

Vacant vs. Occupied Properties

Vacant Properties

By staging Vacant Properties, it allows the buyers to view the architectural details and elegance of the property, lessening the negative blemishes of the space.

Staging, using rental items like area rugs, throw pillows, wall art, and ect. will aide in directing the buyer's eye through the space without interruption, allowing for a successful tour of a home.

REALTORS® recognize staged homes as premium listings, resulting in more showings more offers. Vacant properties, once staged, show off in advertisements and photos 10 times better than an empty vacant space!


Occupied Properties

Occupied properties are lived in properties that often contain years of personal possessions. Staging occupied properties give the homeowner a jump start on packing!

In staging occupied properties, a combination of rearranging the homeowners existing possessions and/or combining them with decorative pieces from Aimee Lauren Interiors' inventory collection occurs.

Making an occupied property comparable to "Show Home" standards will help visually beat out the comparables and speed up the selling process!

The cost to having your home staged is less than the first price reduction!

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